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How to Choose an ISO 27001 Certification Body

ISO 27001 Auditing Company

Before choosing an ISO certification body for your ISO 27001 certification you need to understand the reasons for obtaining the certificate. Many clients want the ISO certificate to demonstrate to clients and partners that they take information security seriously. Others have requirements for certification to allow them to bid for certain contracts. There are a […]

Risk-Driven Application Security Testing Services

Risk-Driven Application Security Testing Service

We’re proud to announce this new service.  Risk Crew, the elite group of information security governance, risk & compliance experts, and the forerunners in the design & delivery of innovative & effective solutions, has released Risk-driven Application Security Testing Services.  What is the service for?  The Risk-driven Application Security Testing Service is a proven process […]

Free Webinar – Protect Against Your Biggest Threat — People

Did you know that human error caused 90% of UK data breaches in 2019, according to the ICO? Register for this free webinar and find out how to mitigate this imminent threat with current best practices and training methods for the workplace – whether that is in the office or at home. Plus you’ll get […]

Data Protection Officer Questions – Answered by a DPO

There are many questions around why a Data Protection Officer (DPO) is needed and what their role is in an organisation. In this post, I’ll answer common questions that have been asked by organisations seeking to comply with the GDPR and DPA and from those looking to take on a DPO role. What is the […]

BlackRock Andriod Malware Stealing Credit Card Data

There is another Android trojan roaming on mobile smartphones known as BlackRock, which can steal card data from more than 337 apps. What makes this trojan unique to other trojan apps, is the number of applications it can steal data from. It can steal usernames and passwords where available as well as prompt users to […]

Hackers Take Use of Popular Twitter Accounts to Con Users

Users of twitter have been scammed by attackers who took control of well-known people such as Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk. Within 30 minutes, the attackers were supposedly able to gain over £80,000. This was shut down quickly, but a lot of damage had been done. There are 2 issues raised here: Security of twitter […]

Can I get Cyber Essentials Plus Certification Remotely?

Cyber essentials plus

Many organisations have sought to achieve Cyber Essentials Plus (CE+) certification remotely (as opposed to on-site) due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. As most staff have continued to work from home, this remote assessment option becomes necessary in order to maintain compliance and assure clients/suppliers that baseline security requirements are being met. Simple steps to complete […]

SAP NetWeaver Contains Remotely Executable Code

Over 40,000 SAP customers need to update to the latest version to mitigate risk from remote unauthenticated attackers obtaining complete access to their SAP database. Although there is no evidence it has been exploited yet, it is only a matter of time before malicious attackers take advantage of this. Don’t let them exploit you! The […]

Should I Be Worried About Mobile Phone Hacking?

“But my phone cannot be hacked!” Phrases like this are far too common and can hold significant consequences. For one, those who believe any device they use is impenetrable are unaware of the threats they face. Historically, these statements have a 100% chance of being wrong and have demonstrated that cyber security is a marathon, […]

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