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NoSQL Injection Attacks Expose Rocket Chat Servers to Remote Code Execution

Rocket chat servers

Two vulnerabilities in the Rocket Chat (RC) application make it possible for attackers to achieve remote code execution on the server hosting them. RC is a popular open-source messaging platform for enterprise customers. Customers include Lloyd’s, Lockheed Martin and the University of California. RC utilises the MongoDB database, which uses NoSQL to store its data. […]

“Wormhole” Proof of Concept Released for Wormable Windows HTTP Vulnerability

Windows HTTP Vulnerability

A proof of concept (PoC) script was released exploiting a critical vulnerability in the latest version of Windows 10 and Windows Server additions. The vulnerability, tracked as CVE-2021-31166 was found in the HTTP Protocol Stack (HTTP.sys), used by the Windows Information (IIS) webserver. The Windows HTTP vulnerability has wormable properties, meaning it is self-propagating, unlike […]

“Sapped” Critical Vulnerabilities are Exploited in SAP Applications

Cyber security firm, Onapsis, has warned of 6 critical vulnerabilities being actively exploited in the wild. The researchers recorded more than 300 successful attacks between mid-2020 and April 2021. SAP systems are used by many organisations for managing critical business processes, including product life-cycle management, customer relationship management, enterprise resource planning and supply chain management. […]

“Offroad” Vulnerable Dell Drivers Endangers Millions of Systems

dell drivers

Older Dell users should be aware of a vulnerable driver that has been pushed out to consumer and enterprise computers for the last 12 years. The multiple vulnerabilities could lead to privilege escalation. Millions of Dell desktops, laptops and tablets received the vulnerable driver through BIOS updates. The 5 vulnerabilities tracked as CVE-2021-21551 discovered in […]

Password Manager Hacked to Deploy Malware on Customer Systems

password manager

A currently unidentified threat actor has compromised the update mechanism of Passwordstate, a password manager application primarily catering to enterprise customers, and has deployed malware on its user’s devices. Click Studios, the firm behind Passwordstate, has notified 29,000 customers via email, according to communications obtained by a Polish tech news site. The malware was live […]

120 Compromised Advertisement Servers Put Millions of Internet Users at Risk

advertisement servers

An ongoing “malvertising” campaign dubbed “Tag Barnakle” was identified as the breach point of more than 120 Advertisement servers over the past year. The threat actors aim to inject code to host Adware that redirects users to domains under threat actors’ control, exposing them to more malware. The adversaries behind the Tag Barnakle campaign are […]

Shut Down the 5 Deadliest Web Application Attack Vectors

Web Application Attack Vectors

additionally,  Last update: 25 January 2022 Web applications are an essential component of any modern business. They can help convey the company vision, advertise services and deliver content to customers. Regardless of their use, they are a necessity to make oneself or a business known to the world. However, as beneficial as they can be […]

FBI & CISA Warning – FortiOS Vulnerabilities are Actively Exploited

FortiOS Vulnerabilities

APT’s exploit Fortinet FortiOS vulnerabilities to compromise systems belonging to government and commercial entities, warn US agencies. Threat actors are scanning for three high severity vulnerabilities that have not been patched. CVE-2018-13379, CVE-2020-12812 and, CVE-2019-5591 are actively being exploited. Each of these vulnerabilities is public and the vendor issued patches, but unless IT administrators apply […]

“Chained” PHP Git server compromised to add back doors to PHP source code

php git server

The official PHP Git repository suffered a software supply chain attack this week. Two malicious commits were pushed to the repository, where the attackers sign the commits with falsified but plausible aliases. An RCE backdoor was uploaded, which executes a backdoor in the HTTP protocol’s user agent header field. According to the PHP maintainers, the […]

Linux Kernel Found 3 Year Old Vulnerabilities that Allow Root Access

Linux Kernel

“Bad Things Come in Threes.” Three historical vulnerabilities have been discovered in the Linux kernel. If exploited, it could be used to gain root access to those systems. The original researchers from the security firm GRIMM have stated that these vulnerabilities remained undiscovered for 15 years. The vulnerabilities exist in the Linux kernel SCSI (Small […]

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