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Shut Down the 5 Deadliest Web Application Attack Vectors

Web Application Attack Vectors

Web applications are an essential component of any modern business. They can help convey the company vision, advertise services and deliver content to customers. Regardless of their use, they are a necessity to make oneself or a business known to the world. However, as beneficial as they can be, they can also be a double-edged […]

FBI & CISA Warning – FortiOS Vulnerabilities are Actively Exploited

FortiOS Vulnerabilities

APT’s exploit Fortinet FortiOS vulnerabilities to compromise systems belonging to government and commercial entities, warn US agencies. Threat actors are scanning for three high severity vulnerabilities that have not been patched. CVE-2018-13379, CVE-2020-12812 and, CVE-2019-5591 are actively being exploited. Each of these vulnerabilities is public and the vendor issued patches, but unless IT administrators apply […]

“Chained” PHP Git server compromised to add back doors to PHP source code

php git server

The official PHP Git repository suffered a software supply chain attack this week. Two malicious commits were pushed to the repository, where the attackers sign the commits with falsified but plausible aliases. An RCE backdoor was uploaded, which executes a backdoor in the HTTP protocol’s user agent header field. According to the PHP maintainers, the […]

Linux Kernel Found 3 Year Old Vulnerabilities that Allow Root Access

Linux Kernel

“Bad Things Come in Threes.” Three historical vulnerabilities have been discovered in the Linux kernel. If exploited, it could be used to gain root access to those systems. The original researchers from the security firm GRIMM have stated that these vulnerabilities remained undiscovered for 15 years. The vulnerabilities exist in the Linux kernel SCSI (Small […]

Conducting DPIAs: The Key to Unlocking Data Protection Compliance Webinar

Why else should you attend the webinar? You’ll not only receive expert insight into triggers and mistakes to avoid but will have the opportunity to ask your pressing questions surrounding the DPIA tool – which is the key to DPA and GDPR compliance. What else will be covered on DPIAs?   The 4 objectives for […]

“Falsified” Fake Google reCAPTHA Phishing Attack Swipes Office 365 Passwords

google recaptha

Phishing attacks targeting Microsoft users are leveraging a fake Google reCAPTCHA page. Attackers are sending thousands of emails to steal Office 365 account credentials. Combined with the forged reCAPTCHA ruse, top-level domain landing pages that include the victim’s company logo were discovered. Researchers say that at least 2,500 emails have been flagged after being sent […]

3 Triggers for Conducting a DPIA

Here’s a funny thing – recital 84 of the EU’s GDPR legislation states “…where processing operations are likely to result in a high risk to the rights and freedoms of natural persons, the controller should be responsible for the carrying-out of a data protection impact assessment…”. Paragraph 1 of Article 35 says pretty much the […]

“Delivery“ Malicious NPM Packages Target Amazon and Slack with Dependency Attacks

Malicious NPM Packages

Threat actors are targeting companies to include Zillo, Amazon and Slack’s NodeJS applications by using a new vulnerability known as “Dependency Confusion”. By utilising this vulnerability, attacks can steal Unix based system password files and open reverse shells back to an attacker. The attacker creates packages utilising the same names as a company’s internal component […]

MacOS Malware “Not So Silver Linings”

Apple’s new M1 chips had no known malware for them…until now. A vulnerability dubbed the “Silver Sparrow” is an activity cluster that includes a malicious binary compiled to run on the new model. What is unique about this vulnerability, and does it lack a payload? Silver Sparrow uses a launch agent to establish persistence, which […]

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