Data Protection Reality Check

Complimentary Data Protection Reality Check

By the end of this year, the UK’s version of the GDPR will hopefully be accepted by the EU. Organisations that need to comply with DPA ‘18 and GDPR should prepare during the 2020 transition period. Read more about the UK GDPR on our blog post: How to Stay Compliant with the GDPR After Brexit.

The future of data protection after the transition

This is the time to step back and assess where your organisation stands in relation to data protection and privacy requirements after Brexit. What are you getting right? What needs improvement? And what needs to be in place for future data protection regulations? Guess what? We’re here to help.

Book a Complimentary one hour 1-2-1 video call/conference with a DPA & GDPR expert

You’ll receive:

  • A free assessment of your current programme
  • Answers to your pressing data protection questions
  • Practical advice and guidance from an expert
  • Summary report and roadmap

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