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Penetration Testing is an ethical and authorised cyber security assessment aimed at identifying security vulnerabilities within your organisation; this also provides insights into remediation actions for the strengthening of your security posture.

Risk Crew’s Crest Accredited Security Testing is fully bespoke to your industry, regulation requirements, compliance needs and network infrastructure.

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Risk Crew is Dedicated To Ensure You Remain Two Steps Ahead Of A Breach

✓ Competitive and Transparent Pricing

Our service comes with fixed pricing with no unexpected added costs. Additionally, we offer a managed service to conduct penetration testing on a continual basis.

✓ Experienced Experts

Risk Crew has over 30 years of experience. Our information security experts hold CISSP, CISA, CISM and CRISC certifications and C√SS, CREST, C|EH and GIAC credentials.

✓ In-depth Reporting

Our comprehensive report details specific vulnerabilities identified on the platform, how they were identified, methods and tools used to identify them and visual evidence if applicable. The report shall indicate a security vulnerability risk rating for risk reduction references.

✓ Stakeholder Workshop

We believe knowledge transfer is essential. The report is presented in a workshop with applicable business stakeholders to ensure their understanding of the findings and the risks associated with hosting the business information assets on the platform.

✓ Retesting Included

As part of our service, we offer to retest and verify remedial actions were effective. Upon completion, we’ll provide you with a summary report confirming remedial measures have been implemented.

✓ 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We think deeply, question assumptions, detect cause and effect and deliver measurable results. No one else does that. Our deliverables produce metrics you can use to monitor and manage real-world cyber risks.

Our Step-by-Step Methodology Is Simple, Effective and Accredited

Reconnaissance is the process of collecting various information about the target (application) in order to assist exploitation. The objective of this process is to gather intelligence on how the target organisation operates, and its security postures i.e. how the website has been developed, how often it is updated and, potentially, how the organisation can be attacked.

The objective of access control testing is to examine the quality, resilience and strength of various aspects of the target application. Various manual testing scenarios will be deployed to ensure that access control mechanisms respond and function securely and appropriately. We would typically test with & without user credentials.

Using all the intelligence observed and gathered during the reconnaissance and access control testing activities, Risk Crew will deploy various methodologies that are appropriate to the target environment. The over- all objective of this phase is to attempt to exploit the vulnerabilities identified to obtain unauthorized access or permissions and verify the security integrity of the target environment. This is the critical component of the testing.

Upon test completion, we’ll draft a detailed report of our findings and recommendations. The report will be comprised of “plain English” executive summary as well as a detailed technical description of each vulnerability identified, the associated risk level, visual evidence of its exploitation (where applicable) and step-by-step directions for its remediation.

Once you have remediated any vulnerabilities identified in our testing, the service also includes “complimentary” re-testing to verify remedial actions were effective. Upon completion of the re-testing, we’ll provide you with a summary report verifying remedial measures have been implemented.


“We have worked with Risk Crew on various projects, and I can safely say they have a superb team and are very professional and know their stuff. We look forward to many collaborations in the future!”


How Your Organisation Can Benefit From A Penetration Test

Choose From Risk Crew’s Complete Portfolio Of Security Testing Services


Mobile Application Testing

Assess the security integrity of applications that run on mobile device platforms and operating systems.


Red Team Security Testing

Discover how well your organisation would stand up against a real-life cyber attack.


Network Security Testing

Get in-depth testing to confirm security integrity and meet compliance requirements.


Web Application Testing

Verify the security integrity of your website and receive measures for continuous improvement.



Risk-Driven Application Testing

Ensure the security integrity of your business-critical applications before launch.



IoT Security Testing

Find out how Risk Crew can help reduce your risk of an Internet of Things (IoT) attack.



Vulnerability Assessment

Help your organisation identify, minimise and manage the risk of a breach with a vulnerability assessment.



APT Attack Testing

Assess and confirm whether your defences can detect and deter this severe threat.


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With our fixed price with no hidden fees, Risk Crew is dedicated to help your organisation stay ahead of threats to your systems with effective security and penetration testing.

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What we do best

We live and breathe cyber risk and excel in the creation of measurable controls to ensure the protection of a business’ information assets in accordance with their appetite, capacity and tolerance for a breach.

Our values

We believe in holistic information security strategy. One that incorporates people, process and technology. This is why we are product-agnostic. We understand that most of our industry is product-lead – but the problem is that the products we buy to protect our systems don’t work. Consequently, our systems are breached. So, we respond by buying more products (that don’t work) and become trapped in a Circle of Failure

Why we are different

Think deeply – we take nothing for granted and think beyond current beliefs, preconceived ideas and prevailing opinions.

Question assumptions – we do not assume answers to problems, we verify them.

Detect cause & effect – we confirm the relationship between events to confirm the source of a problem.

Deliver pragmatic measurable results – we include key performance indicators in solutions to confirm their ongoing effectiveness.