Benefits of Red Team Testing

Receive a security assessment of your business environment against a real-world attacker

Test your security team’s ability to prevent, detect and respond to incidents in a realistic environment

Identify if your critical data is at risk and how easily it could be obtained by a malicious threat actor

Receive a fact-based risk analysis report and remediation for improving security posture

Testing will identify unrecognised vulnerabilities in the people, processes and technology
you depend on to protect your information assets.

Red Team Deliverables

Risk Crew’s service provides a comprehensive report that details security vulnerabilities identified and specific actions for remediation, a courtesy workshop and on-call assistance.

Our Approach

Each one of our engagements is unique in scope

Attacks are individually designed to test your organisation’s people, processes and technology. Rules of engagement are developed in collaboration with you and all activities are coordinated with the appropriate stakeholders to ensure objectives are clear and business disruption does not occur.

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