Security Vulnerability Testing

Risk Crew provides a wide variety of vulnerability assessment services to ensure you meet your network and application risk management goals and objectives.  We can provide both manual and portal based vulnerability assessment scanning services.  Alternatively, we can also install appliances on-site for managing on-going vulnerability assessment programs.

Risk Crew’s Security Vulnerability Testing Consultants can provide vulnerability assessments across a wide range of environments and platforms such as:

  • Application Vulnerability Assessment
  • Network (Interior) Vulnerability Assessment
  • Network (Exterior) Vulnerability Assessment
  • Network (Interior) PCI Vulnerability Assessment
  • Network (Exterior) PCI ASV Vulnerability Assessment
  • Wireless Network Vulnerability Assessment
  • Third Party Connectivity Vulnerability Assessment

Risk Crew will review your environment prior to customise the assessment technology deployed ensuring it addresses all of your specific system’s hardware and software configurations reducing false positives.  Vulnerability assessments reports are then reviewed manually to ensure that any “false positive” are verified and removed.

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For flat fee pricing structure and full service level agreements detailing service specifications, scope and deliverables for any of the above services or to place an order, contact Risk Crew.