IoT Home “security” cameras: Are you having a laugh!?

camera =/= secure, jeff bezos is peeking through the corner and there are floating Ring Security cameras

Here’s an easy experiment for you Go to Google, and type “Home Security Cameras” into the search window. At the top of the page you’ll be presented with paid for results of various WI-FI connected IP cameras. For the second part of this task take the first manufacturer, in my case it was the Amazon […]

Data Hack: Was Bezos a Bozo?

Picture of a clown with balloons with text on them that relate to the Bezos hacking events

We doubt it, he probably just needs some awareness training You’ve probably heard about Jeff Bezos’ personal and sensitive media being bandied about by the National Enquirer. No need for us to dwell on that, or comment on the US political machinations that could be behind it. Instead, prompted by an article by Rory Cellan-Jones […]

6 Must Have eLearning Metrics [Infographic]

eLearning is one of the most powerful tools for training your staff. It has many benefits over traditional face to face learning. For example, organisations report a 14% improvement in productivity due to eLearning over face to face learning. But it isn’t that simple. For eLearning to have these great results, you need to be able […]