Effective Web Application Penetration Testing

Our Experts Deliver a Granular Review to Identify Vulnerabilities

Web Application Penetration Testing

Risk Crew’s effective testing service verifies the security integrity of your web applications and provides measures for continuous improvement.

Testing includes the design and delivery of a granular review of the target application to identify all associated vulnerabilities. Manual testing is then conducted of each of those vulnerabilities to determine the extent to which they can be exploited and their impact on the security integrity of the application.

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    Web Application Penetration Testing Benefits

    The Risk Crew service results in the verification of the security integrity of your website. This benefit should be obvious. Web application security penetration testing is a continuous improvement process to receive increasing returns on your investment. Immediate testing benefits include:

    ✓Preventing unauthorised transactions

    ✓Preventing unauthorised usage

    ✓Preventing monetary loss

    ✓Preventing data theft

    ✓Ensuring protection of customer personal data

    ✓Meeting compliance requirements

    ✓Preventing fines

    ✓Preventing reputational loss

    ✓Ensuring profitability

    Risk Crew Deliverables

    Risk Crew provides a comprehensive report of our findings and remedial recommendations. The report will detail vulnerabilities identified, attacks conducted against them and specific steps to remediate them and improve the security integrity of the application.

    Why Choose Risk Crew

    Our experienced security engineers implement detailed methodologies to effectively assess your businesses capabilities to detect and mitigate an attack against your business.

    All engineers are thoroughly vetted and subject to in-depth professional, criminal and credit records checks.

    When you choose Risk Crew, you’re electing to work with qualified experts.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is a web application?
    A web application is an application program that is hosted on a remote server and delivered over the Internet through a browser.
    What is the difference between a web application security penetration test and a web application security assessment?
    A web application security assessment is conducted to identify security weaknesses, vulnerabilities or misconfigurations in the program. A web application security penetration test is both the identification of these vulnerabilities and the specific attempt to exploit them to quantify their potential impact on the application and/or asset it may process. Best practice dictates conducting routine assessments, remediating any vulnerabilities found in the assessments and then conducting penetration testing (i.e. lock down the house before trying to break in to verify the security controls).
    Is conducting web application security penetration testing mandatory?
    Any compliance frameworks require conducting security penetration testing of business web applications if they process, store or transmit cardholder data (Payment Card Industry, Data Security Standards PCI DSS) or personal and/or sensitive data (Data Protection Act). Conducting web application security penetration testing is recognised as best practice by open standards such as IS0 27001.
    What tool is used to conduct a web application security penetration test?
    Good testers use a combination of commercial and open-source tools when testing a web application. Tool selection also may depend on the application build and hosting environment. Tools are usually selected after threat modelling to ensure they apply to the application build. You should discuss tools used with your testing provider.
    What are the best open-source web app penetration testing tools?
    There are many good open-source application security penetration testing tools. Risk Crew recommends:
    1. Zed Attack Proxy
    2. Wfuzz
    3. Wapiti
    4. SQLMap
    5. W3af