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Headquartered In London

Risk Crew is a product-agnostic information security governance, risk and compliance management consultancy serving customers across Europe.

What We Do Best

We live and breathe cyber risk and excel in the creation of measurable controls to ensure the protection of a business' information assets in accordance with their appetite, capacity and tolerance for a breach.

Our Reputation

We have a reputation for designing creative, cost effective information security management systems (ISMS), enabling quantifiable compliance to established information security legislation, regulation and best commercial practices such as the Payment Card Industry (PCI), Data Security Standards (DSS), the UK Data Protection Act 2018 (DPA 2018), General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and ISO/IEC 27001.

Our Founding

At Risk Crew we set out to do something different. We wanted to form a company of information risk professionals for information risk professionals.

Our industry is product-lead. Marketing professionals have sold us the idea that security is a product. We believe that security is a process.

The company is founded on the principle that “cyber security” is an oxymoron and that the best defence is to establish and integrate security processes into your business to identify, minimise and manage the cyber threats to your information assets.

There’s a storm brewing on the current cyber threat landscape. We wanted to offer businesses shelter from that storm and created this company with a portfolio of services to do just that.

Our Values

We believe in holistic information security strategy. One that incorporates people, process and technology. This is why we are product-agnostic. We understand that most of our industry is product-lead – but the problem is that the products we buy to protect our systems don’t work. Consequently, our systems are breached. So, we respond by buying more products (that don’t work) and become trapped in a Circle of Failure .

Why We Are Different

Risk Crew is different because we:

Think deeply – we take nothing for granted and think beyond current beliefs, preconceived ideas and prevailing opinions.

Question assumptions – we do not assume answers to problems, we verify them.

Detect cause & effect – we confirm the relationship between events to confirm the source of a problem.

Deliver pragmatic measurable results – we include key performance indicators in solutions to confirm their ongoing effectiveness.

This is our DNA along with a strong belief in knowledge transfer and complete customer satisfaction. Which is why we back all our services with a 100% guarantee. Nobody else does that.

The Risk Crew

The Risk Crew are a hand-picked group of information security risk management professionals selected for their knowledge base, communication skills and passion for what they do.

Our consultants are not typical – they take things personal. Your problems become their problems and they don’t give up until they’re solved. There is no stronger customer service ethic.

Crew members are also chosen for their vision, innovative thinking and facility to embrace change. Given the constant changes in threats, vulnerabilities and technology, effective risk professionals are those that expect it.

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Looking for a challenge? Prefer the road less travelled? Do you live for the complex multi-issue, multi-level, multi-discipline, multi-location problem? Are you cool under fire? Crazy when underemployed? Can you unscramble a Rubik’s cube using a mirror walking backwards while chewing gum at the same time? Want to try?

We are looking for unique information security risk management and testing consultants who think (FULL STOP).

If you’d like to be a part of something different and think you have what it takes – get in touch.

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