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Blockchain is a decentralised and distributed digital ledger that records transactions across a network of computers. It utilises advanced cryptographic techniques to ensure the integrity, security, and transparency of the data it contains.

Nevertheless, even with its inherent security features, blockchain systems are not immune to vulnerabilities and attacks. Stay ahead of potential risks with Risk Crew’s cutting-edge blockchain testing service.

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Some security consultants see the glass half full, some, half empty. We QUESTION the size of the glass.

Security Advisory

Our security advisory service aims to highlight the immense advantages your organisation can gain from implementing blockchain technology while ensuring the safety and integrity of your systems.

Through a combination of technical security compliance and security consulting, we guide you in mitigating risks and achieving robust security compliance. 

Penetration Testing

Our advanced blockchain penetration testing services go beyond traditional assessments. We employ offensive tactics to actively search for application vulnerabilities and thoroughly evaluate your blockchain infrastructure’s security.

Our goal is to ensure the robustness and integrity of your blockchain systems, providing you with a secure foundation to operate.

Threat Simulation

Through comprehensive threat simulations, we replicate cyberattacks on your infrastructure to identify vulnerabilities and assess your framework’s response to threats.

This process allows us to understand your system’s capability to withstand and mitigate the impact of real-world attacks

Hands-on Assessment

Our experienced team goes beyond fully automated processes by actively engaging in hands-on assessments.

We ensure a thorough examination of your infrastructure to uncover vulnerabilities that may not be detected by automated tools alone. This approach provides a holistic view of your system’s security.

Offensive Security Tactics

To counteract malicious actors and safeguard the integrity of your applications and systems, we employ offensive security tactics.

By utilising proactive measures, we actively search for vulnerabilities and exploits, ensuring a proactive defense approach to enhance your overall security posture.

Smart Contract Audit

Smart contracts play a crucial role in blockchain ecosystems, and their security is of utmost importance. Risk Crew specialises in conducting thorough audits of smart contracts associated with your blockchain products.

Our audits aim to identify errors, vulnerabilities, and flaws that pose risks to you and your users. We offer audits for various applications, including dApps, exchanges, and DeFi protocols.

Programming Languages We Specialise

Our team specialises in auditing smart contracts written in Solidity and Python, two widely adopted programming languages in the blockchain space.

By leveraging our expertise in these languages, we can effectively analyse the security of your smart contracts and provide valuable recommendations for improvement.

Smart Contract Proptocol

Risk Crew has extensive experience in auditing smart contracts on various blockchain protocols, including Ethereum and Hyperledger.

We understand the intricacies and unique security considerations of each protocol, allowing us to conduct in-depth audits tailored to your specific blockchain environment.

Report and Re-Testing

Following the smart contract audit, we generate a detailed report that outlines the findings, vulnerabilities discovered, and recommended fixes. Our team reviews the report with you to ensure clarity and address any queries or requests for further information.

Once the necessary fixes have been applied, we conduct a re-test to verify that the identified vulnerabilities have been effectively resolved, giving you the confidence that your smart contracts are secure and reliable.

Types of Smart Contract Audits We Offer

✓ Manual Code Review

Our experts perform meticulous line-by-line assessments of your smart contracts, focusing on identifying logical errors and improving code quality.

✓ Vulnerability Scanning

We conduct scans of your smart contracts, network nodes, and applications to detect known vulnerabilities and address them proactively.

✓ Linting

We ensure that your smart contracts adhere to industry-accepted style requirements and are free from grammatical errors through linting processes.

✓ Symbolic Execution and Taint Analysis

We utilise symbolic execution to determine inputs that lead to the execution of specific parts of your smart contract and Taint analysis to identify smart contract variables that the code deployer and the executing smart contract can control.

✓ Static and Dynamic Analysis

We employ Static analysis will examine your smart contracts and identify weaknesses in your code’s logic and soundness before execution. Dynamic analysis tests your code in a controlled environment to assess its behaviour and outcomes

How Your Organisation Can Benefit From A Blockchain Security Test

Enhance Security Controls

Evaluate the effectiveness of your existing security controls, such as firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and access controls.

Uncover Security Vulnerabilities

Uncover vulnerabilities and proactively address and fix these issues.

Mitigate Risks

By identifying potential security gaps, you can prioritise your resources and efforts to mitigate these risks effectively.

Meet Compliance Requirements

Conducting penetration tests helps you meet these compliance requirements and demonstrate your commitment to data protection.

Plan Future Investments

Plan for investments needed to remediate vulnerabilities and hiring strategies to requite areas of security weaknesses within your organisation.

Incident Response Preparation

By simulating various attack scenarios, you can assess how well your team detects, responds, and recovers from security incidents.

Learn more about the numerous benefits in our blog post: Enhancing the Security in Blockchain.

Our Step-by-Step Methodology

We Work With You to Define the Right Scope

At the start of the project, objectives, goals, and scope of the security testing would be determined for a comprehensive and tailored security testing strategy.

Due Diligence Reconnaissance

Our team of security experts will leverage cutting-edge security techniques to collect data about the target environment. This includes identifying potential entry points, vulnerabilities and weak spots.

Threat Modeling Based on Analysis

We will analyse the collected information, prioritise the identified threats based on their impact and map out potential attack paths and scenarios.

Vulnerability Assessments in Real-time

Our security testing experts will utilise the latest scanning tools to identify common causes of vulnerabilities, misconfigurations or weak points within your critical assets. When a critical vulnerability is found, we alert you in real-time so you can remediate fast.

Post-exploitation Measures

If successful, we will escalate privileges and explore the target system or network. This will be followed by an in-depth analysis to identify any hidden vulnerabilities or sensitive data exposure.

Reporting for Knowledge Transfer

Our team will document all findings, including identified vulnerabilities, exploited systems, and potential risks. We present to your stakeholders — including technical teams, management and decision-makers. Questions and inquiries are always welcomed.

Supported Remediation

We believe in partnerships, we will work with your organisation’s IT team to prioritise and address the identified vulnerabilities. We also offer a complimentary retesting of your critical assets as part of the service.

We Don’t Sell Products, We Sell Results.

✓ Competitive and Transparent Pricing

Our service comes with fixed pricing with no unexpected added costs. Additionally, we offer a managed service to conduct penetration testing on a continual basis.

✓ Experienced Experts

Risk Crew has over 30 years of experience. Our information security experts hold CBSP, C√SS, CREST, C|EH and GIAC credentials.

✓ In-depth Reporting

Our comprehensive report details specific vulnerabilities identified on the platform, how they were identified, methods and tools used to identify them and visual evidence if applicable.

✓ Stakeholder Workshop

We believe knowledge transfer is essential. The report is presented in a workshop with applicable business stakeholders to ensure their understanding of the findings and the risks associated with hosting the business information assets on the platform.

✓ Retesting Included

As part of our service, we offer to retest and verify remedial actions were effective. Upon completion, we’ll provide you with a summary report confirming remedial measures have been implemented.

✓ 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We think deeply, question assumptions, detect cause and effect and deliver measurable results. No one else does that. Our deliverables produce metrics you can use to monitor and manage real-world cyber risks.

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