What Is ISO/IEC 42001:2023?

If you use Artificial Intelligence (AI) but are not currently managing it, then an ISO 42001-aligned management system is the place to start.

The International Organisation for Standardisation 42001 is a globally recognised information security standard that provides a framework for implementing, maintaining, and continually improving the secure use of AI within your organisation. 

ISO 42001 aligns with the EU AI Act­ – advocating transparency, accountability and ethical trust. Certifying to the standard allows your organisation to comply with the regulation and future legal requirements.

To ensure compliance with the Standard, your organisation must demonstrate to an external qualified auditor that its practices align with the best practices set out in the Standard. 

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Gain AI Compliance with Risk Crew’s Step-By-Step Process

To help your organisation get started with complying with the ISO 42001 Standard, Risk Crew can provide your organisation with the following: 

ISO 42001 Compliance Gap Assessment

  • Your dedicated consultant will assess your current AI-based processes, operations, policies and controls against those recommended by the Standard to identify the current compliance ‘gaps’ and then generate a comprehensive report of our findings and recommendations. 

Best Practices Plan

  • To streamline your compliance journey, a bespoke roadmap is created to cite your organisation’s specific actions required for compliance, proposed action owners, target completion dates and estimated budget requirements.

Knowledge Transfer Session

  • Your consultant will conduct a half-day workshop for key business stakeholders to ensure their understanding of the remedial actions needed for compliance along with the estimated resources and timeline required.  
  • This straightforward service results in a solid understanding of the Standard, and what is required from your business to pragmatically achieve compliance.

Dress Rehearsal Before the External Audit

  • To ensure your organisation is prepared for compliance and has ‘best practice’ security controls in place, Risk Crew can also conduct your internal security audit – a requirement of ISO 42001 for certification.

Gain the Benefits of AI Governance with ISO 42001

By implementing an internationally recognised standard your organisation will reduce risks and demonstrate commitment to responsible AI



Manage your AI systems and mitigate risk – demonstrating responsibility and trust whilst enhancing your global reputation.



Demonstrate security, safety, fairness and transparency – by showing strong evidence of AI governance.



Implement robust AI controls – ensuring compliance with business, contractual, legal and regulatory requirements.

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Our service comes with fixed pricing with no unexpected added costs. Additionally, we offer a managed service to conduct penetration testing on a continual basis.

✓ Flexible Delivery

This service can be delivered on-site or remotely using cutting-edge technology to maintain the security of our communications. Whichever method you opt for, quality service and hands-on expertise  are provided.

✓ On-going Support

Risk Crew helps you maintain compliance with a variety of support services including risk assessments, security testing and staff awareness training.

✓ 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We think deeply, question assumptions, detect cause and effect and deliver measurable results. No one else does that. Our deliverables produce metrics you can use to monitor and manage real-world cyber risks.

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