GRC Consultancy

Risk Crew are specialists in synchronizing activity across organisational governance, risk management and compliance functions in order to enhance efficiency, enable more effective information sharing and reporting and avoid wasteful overlaps.

Risk Crew understands that each of these three disciplines creates information of value to the other two. Each involves the same technologies, people, processes and information and that duplication of these efforts will not only significantly impact your operational costs, and it also prevents real-time compliance status reporting.

Risk Crew provides customised consulting services to help you identify, eliminate and streamline this duplication from your ISMS, PCI, DPA 2018, ISO 27001 and supplier risk management compliance efforts – abolishing the silos in your organisation resulting in significant reductions of resources, time and of course money.

Additionally, Risk Crew also provides cost-effective software as a service (SaaS) GRC solution to automate and accelerate your GRC activities called “Harmony for Compliance” adopted by leading companies across the UK.

These include: