Risk Driven Application Testing

Risk-Driven Application Security Testing

Secure your business-critical applications prior to launch

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Risk-Driven Application Security Testing

Attackers play the game on an application-level – so should you. Our Risk-Driven Application Security Testing Service is designed to ensure the security integrity of your business-critical applications before launch. This innovative service is founded on the principle of security by design and is comprised of four critical activities: first identifying the applications’ design flaws, then risks to the assets it processes followed by identifying its attack surface and then customising a security penetration test based on the flaws, risks and attack vectors specifically associated with the application.

This holistic approach results in a more robust and applicable security posture for the applications that process store and transmit your business-critical information assets. It confirms that they are ‘fit for purpose’ and significantly reduces the risk of a breach.

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Risk-drvien Application Security Testing Services

Features and Components

This unique service is comprised of four activities and deliverables:

Step 1:  Design Review

Risk Crew security engineers review the design, development, testing and hosting documentation associated with the application - identifying access points to the business information asset and any inherent security design flaws.


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Design Review

The application's development and testing processes are examined for adherence to OWASP best practice. Additionally, hosting service level agreements are reviewed for any security shortcomings.

Risk Crew will provide a comprehensive report detailing vulnerabilities in design, development & deployment documentation with recommended remedial measures.

Step 2: Threat Assessment

Based on the results of the design review and sensitivity of the information asset, Risk Crew will then conduct an information threat and risk assessment to identify the likelihood and impact of potential security risks to the application.


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Threat Assessment

Risk Crew will provide a detailed report documenting the application vulnerabilities, threats which could exploit these vulnerabilities, and the associated likelihood and impact of those threats if executed.

Step 3:  Threat & Attack Modeling

Risk Crew defines and documents the attack surface of the application. This is done to identify probable threat agents and their most likely attack vectors.


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Threat & Attack Modeling

This modelling is essential for scoping effective penetration testing that simulates real-life attacks. Risk Crew will provide the model for record.

Step 4:  Security Penetration Testing

Based on the attack model established for the application, Risk Crew designs and conducts a risk-driven, security penetration test.


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Security Penetration Testing

Testing scope, approach, tools & methodology will be driven by the applications inherent design flaws, risks to the assets and attack prioritised risks the application's attack surface.

Risk Crew will produce a detailed report of the findings and remedial recommendations.

Risk Crew Deliverables

Upon completion of each service component, Risk Crew produces the associated deliverables in simple, easy to understand formats that are suitable for both technical and non-technical audiences.

Risk-Driven Application Security Benefits

The benefits of this simple risk-driven approach should be obvious. The service results in robust and applicable security controls for the applications that process stores or transmits your business-critical information assets. It confirms that they are ‘fit for purpose’ and can withstand a real-world attack. Specific service benefits include:

✓Identifying application design, build and hosting security vulnerabilities

✓Detecting and quantifying (likelihood & impact) of application security risks

✓Identifying and documenting threat agents and attack vectors

✓Confirming the overall security integrity of the application through security penetration testing

✓Obtaining specific recommendations to enhance the security integrity of the application

✓Reducing the risk of a breach

Why Choose Risk Crew

Our experienced security engineers implement detailed methodologies to effectively assess your businesses capabilities to detect and mitigate an attack against your business.

All security testing engineers are thoroughly vetted and subject to in-depth professional, criminal and credit records checks.

When you choose Risk Crew, you’re electing to work with qualified experts.

Ensure the security integrity of your business-critical applications prior to launch with a proven process.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an application security design review?

An application security design review is the process of analysing an application’s design to identify inherent vulnerabilities that could be exploited by an attacker.

What is an application threat and risk assessment?

An application threat and risk assessment is the process of identifying the information asset processed, stored or transmitted by an application and its sensitivity. Along with identifying and quantifying the likelihood and impact of potential security threats the application.

What is application threat and attack modelling?

Application threat and attack modelling is a procedure for identifying and documenting threat actors and vectors associated with an application given the application’s design and hosting environment.

What is a threat actor?

A threat actor is a term for any individual or group of individuals that attempt to or conduct a cyber-attack against a target system (or application) – whether intentionally or unintentionally.

What is a threat vector?

A threat vector is a route used by a threat actor in a cyber-attack to access and compromise a target system (or application).

What is an application security penetration test?

An application security penetration test, also known as a pen test, is a simulated cyber-attack against a target application to attempt to identify and exploit associated vulnerabilities for unauthorised access or privileges.

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