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Deploy an experienced Data Protection Officer to ensure DPA 2018 & GDPR compliance in your business.

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Data Protection Officer On-Demand Service

Our DPO-on-Demand service acts as a trusted advisor to organisations, providing the essential skills and experience needed to ensure they meet requirements mandated for compliance to the U.K. Data Protection Act (DPA) 2018. You get the expertise you need – when you need it.

This popular on-demand service is designed to ensure that your business gets the exact amount of resources it needs to meet DPA compliance requirements. On-hand expertise to review Data Processor Agreements, conduct Privacy Impact Assessments, respond to Subject Access Requests, ensure Compliance of Data Protection Policies, Investigate Potential Data Breaches and Liaise with the Information Commissioner’s Office. A dedicated data protection professional working for you to ensure compliance.

Risk Crew’s outsourced DPO service guarantees availability of expertise at a time when there is a significant shortage of data protection professionals in the marketplace and high levels of turnover.

Outsourced DPO Features

Features and Components

We will provide a trained and professional data protection officer on-site to your business offices to undertake data protection compliance activities on your behalf for either one, three or five days per-month depending on your demand.

Dedicated Resource

We provide a dedicated data protection expert to assume the daily roles, responsibilities and activities of a DPO required for the business’s compliance.


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Dedicated Resource

We provide a dedicated data protection expert to assume the daily roles, responsibilities and activities of a DPO required for the business’ compliance.

The DPO will act as your dedicated resource representing your organisation’s data protection interests to staff, clients Data Controllers, Data Processors and Sub-Processors to ensure your compliance. Additionally, he/she will also provide on-going telephone support to ensure availability and continuity of advice throughout the engagement.

Template Documentation

Risk Crew drafts customised policies to include subject access requests forms, privacy impact assessment checklists and breach notification forms for customisation.

Telephone Support

Continuous telephone support throughout the engagement to provide ongoing support and assistance in addition to on-site activities.

Risk Crew Deliverables

Deliverables will be customised to your exact requirements. Your DPO will agree their task to be undertaken on their dedicated days prior with you, so that you decide exactly how the time is spent.

Typical activities would include:

✓ Administering Data Protection compliance training to staff

✓Liaison with Data Controllers, Data Processors and Sub-Processors

✓Oversight and management of Data Protection compliance programme

✓Record keeping of processing operations

✓ Incident response and assessment

✓ Conducting Privacy Impact Assessments

✓ Breach notification to Data Protection Supervisory Authority

✓ Responding to Subject Access Requests

Risk Crew Benefits

Rules of engagement are developed in collaboration with business stakeholders and all activities are coordinated with the appropriate stakeholder to ensure objectives are clear and business disruption does not occur.

This straight-forward pragmatic service has numerous benefits to your business.

Why Choose Risk Crew

Our skilled and experienced consultants implement industry-proven information security & risk management methodologies, gap assessments, auditing and data protection & privacy policies to enable you to efficiently meet your DPA 2018 and GDPR compliance requirements.

When you choose Risk Crew, you’re electing to work with qualified experts.

Deploy an experienced Data Protection Officer to ensure DPA 2018 & GDPR compliance in your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a DPO do?

Generally speaking, a DPO is responsible for educating the organisation about compliance, training employees who process personal data, conducting privacy impact assessments associated with any changes in processing, responding to subject access requests and conducting routine security audits to ensure security controls deployed to protect sensitive personal data are effective. DPOs also serve as the point of contact between the organisation and any Supervisory Authorities (SAs) that oversee activities related to compliance (like the UK Information Commissioner’s Office).

Who does a DPO report to?

A DPO should be independent, an expert in data protection, adequately resourced, and report to the highest management level possible.

Is having a DPO mandatory?

Appointing a DPO is mandatory under three circumstances:

  1. The organisation is a public authority or body.
  2. The organisation’s core activities consist of data processing operations that require regular and systematic monitoring of data subjects on a large scale.
  3. The organisation’s core activities consist of large-scale processing of special categories of data (sensitive data such as personal information on health, religion, race or sexual orientation) and/or personal data relating to criminal convictions and offences.
Can I outsource this requirement?

Yes. The GDPR allows organisations to outsource this requirement and appoint an external DPO acting under a service contract. Given the shortage of trained and experienced personnel, outsourcing this requirement can also be an extremely cost-effective solution.

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