IoT Security Penetration Testing Service

The Internet of Things (IoT) connects the virtual to the physical. Business systems now include networked “things” from televisions and office lighting to facility heating and cooling systems. The sheer number and variance of IoT devices, linked with inherent built-in security vulnerabilities means that they make a very attractive and broad attack surface for attackers. You can find some real-world examples with security vulnerabilities in IoT devices in our blog.

IoT security is a significant challenge that requires the security assessment of numerous vectors. These range from web interfaces, software and firmware configuration settings and network services to mobile interfaces, transport encryption, cloud interfaces and privacy concerns in general. Each element should be addressed individually and together as a whole.

Risk Crew offers a detailed and comprehensive methodology for conducting security penetration testing of business IoT systems.

Tablet to control smart devices - IoT Security Pen Testing

Features and Components

Our IoT penetration testing service consists of a series of customised and coordinated attacks. The objective is to assess the capability of existing security controls to identify and prevent an IoT related breach.


The testing will seek to identify weak, guessable, default or hardcoded passwords, insecure network services, insecure ecosystem interfaces, lack of secure update mechanisms, use of insecure or outdated components, insufficient privacy protection, insecure data transfer and storage, lack of device management, insecure default settings and lack of physical hardening.


We conduct extensive research and identify IP enabled devices deployed. Once identified, we run detailed vulnerability assessments of the following areas to identify associated weaknesses or security issues such as: Insecure Web Interface, Insufficient Authentication & Authorisation, Insecure Network Services, Lack of Transport Encryption, Privacy Concerns, Insecure Cloud Interface, Insecure Mobile Interface...

Campaign Design

Risk Crew designs and executes a campaign of customised attacks to exploit any vulnerabilities identified and establish an attack vector to the business systems or remove data or cause disruption to IoT devices.

Risk Crew Deliverables

Our service provides a comprehensive report of our findings and remedial recommendations. The report will detail vulnerabilities identified with IoT systems, the methodologies and tools used to attempt to exploit the vulnerabilities and the results of these attacks.

Risk Crew’s all-encompassing service includes a courtesy workshop and on-call assistance.

IoT Security Penetration Testing Benefits

Risk Crew will identify vulnerabilities which if exploited, could potentially allow unauthorised access.

Identifying IoT weakness and conducting remediations can help with:

✓Strengthening device security

✓Protecting against unauthorized usage

✓Avoiding elevation of privileges

✓Reducing the risk of compromise

✓Improve user and data privacy

✓Strengthening encryption to avoid man-in-the-middle attacks

Why Choose Risk Crew

Our experienced security engineers implement detailed IoT relevant methodologies to effectively assess your businesses capabilities to detect and mitigate an IoT related attack against your business.

All security testing engineers are thoroughly vetted and subject to in-depth professional, criminal and credit records checks.

When you choose Risk Crew, you’re electing to work with qualified experts.

Find out how Risk Crew can help reduce your risk of an IoT attack.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is IoT Technology?

IoT or “internet of things” technology is comprised of interconnected mechanical, digital or computing devices or objects equipped with unique identifiers (UIDs) able to transfer data over (an IP enabled network) without human interaction.

What is an IoT attack surface?

An "IoT attack surface" is the total of all potential security vulnerabilities associated with the IoT devices and associated hardware, software and firmware in an IoT network.

What are IoT vulnerabilities?

An IoT vulnerability is a security weakness in the configuration or deployment of an IoT device that if exploited, could cause disruption, reveal data or provide unauthorised access to connected systems.

Why is IoT security testing important?

IoT devices deployed in a business may provide an unidentified cyber-attack vector to your business systems and information. Business can overlook device connectivity as an attack vector with devastating results. It serves to remember that in 2013 attackers accessed Target payment systems through heating and cooling system connections and removed over 40 million cardholder details.