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What is Security Awareness Training?

Year after year, studies indicated that over 90% of system breaches and subsequent data losses are attributed to human error. Cyber security and information security awareness training is the proven methodology for reducing the risk of human error by training employees on the threats to business systems, how to identify them and then how to appropriately respond to them to prevent breaches.

Security awareness training significantly reduces cyber risks to the business through the simple act of making employees “aware” of them.

It is a continual process of educating employees on the ever-changing threats. Good training programmes start with the fundamentals with content maturing over time — to keep pace with the threat landscape. It’s essential.

Risk Crew's customised and engaging cyber security awareness training courses are delivered in either face-to-face workshops or over computer-based-training platforms to ensure your staff understand, recognise and respond to the specific cyber security threats to your business.

Cyber Security
Workshop Training

Risk Crew provides on-site, cyber security awareness training workshops to educate and motivate every level of business stakeholders. Interactive content is customised to meet your business’s risk appetite and applicable threat landscape.

Choose from the following live workshops:

  • Board Member Cyber Security Leadership Workshop
  • Management Cyber Security Leadership Workshop
  • Information Technology Staff Best Cyber Security Practices Workshop
  • DevOps Best Security Training Workshop
  • Employee Cyber Security Awareness Workshop 101
  • Cyber Security Street Smarts: Internet Best Practices
  • Social Engineering 101 Workshop

Cyber Security Training Workshop

Additionally, Risk Crew can design and deliver topic-specific workshops to meet your exact needs. Workshops are conducted by certified and seasoned cyber security risk management training professionals.

The first step to changing behaviours — is changing minds.

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Information Security
Online Training

Risk Crew also offer hosted, online security awareness training courses or can provide (SCORM-based) modules for hosting on your business’ learning management system. Current, interesting, pragmatic and jargon-free content addresses: what it is, why it matters, how hackers hack and what to do about it.

Choose from four computer-based training modules:

  • Information Security Awareness
  • Working from home: Cyber Security Best Practices
  • Data Protection Security Awareness
  • PCI Security Awareness

The popular Risk Crew cyber security online training solution is subscription-based and starts at just £9.99 per user.

Information Security Training Course

Multi-media content can be customised to address business-specific issues. The modules include regular learning checks to keep users on track, a tailorable quiz at the end to gauge employees' understanding of the content and provides useful metrics to benchmark the business’ cyber security awareness culture.

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eRiskology Information Security Training and Awareness Programme 

eRiskology™ is our comprehensive information security training and awareness programme solution. Simply put, eRiskology is the way to instil an information security awareness culture in your business. The key to making your staff mindful of the multitude and severity of security threats to your business’s information assets is to “get it in their heads”. 

eRiskology does just that through the application of 4 harmonised learning paths. The innovative solution will:

  • INSPIRE them with current, stimulating, face-to-face workshops.
  • EMPOWER them with knowledge from computer-based training programs providing current hacking. methodologies and best defences.
  • ENGAGE them with a steady stream of thought-provoking current events and multimedia (videos, podcasts, infographics, monthly bulletins, tips and alerts) messages.
  • MEASURE them through social engineering testing and program performance metrics.

eRiskology video

Key performance indicators are collected across the program, annually and submitted to you in a detailed report citing the risk-awareness level recorded for the business along with our specific recommendations for any program changes to improve results. 

eRiskology will not only get it in their heads – it will prove it is in their heads. Other security awareness solutions don’t come close to this achievement.   

Get in their heads and make it stick.

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Customer Reviews


“We weren't receiving results we needed from our security awareness programme until we added in training workshops. It has reduced our security risk by creating end-user awareness of critical & current security threats such as social engineering. Risk Crew made it easy to tailor the quiz to meet our specific training goals.” 

Information Technology Officer | Insurance Industry


"If you are looking for an engaging cyber security training platform, then look no further. I can set up my whole year of security training in a day or two. Tracking results was straightforward to help us measure our strengths and weaknesses within our staff."

HR Director | Finance Industry


"One of the benefits that I liked was the fact that I did not have to make any changes to my current environment to get the platform up and running. Everything is hosted on a cloud platform For us, it was really important that the solution catered for more than just phishing."

Chief Information Officer | Logistics Industry

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between information security and cyber security?

Information security refers to the protection of all information regardless of its formatting, including paper documents, digital, intellectual property, verbal or visual communications. Cyber security refers to the protection of digital information that is processed, stored or transmitted in and across isolated and network systems.

What are the key factors in conducting cyber security awareness training?

Effective cyber security awareness training should be relevant, entertaining, thought provoking, interactive and include examples or simulations. The objective is to change behaviours. To accomplish this a good programme needs to change mindsets. It must inspire people to care. To stimulate their thinking and get them generally interested in cyber security you need to make the subject matter personal — provoking the motivation to care.

What subjects should typically be included in cyber security awareness training?

Basic cyber security awareness training topics should address the intrinsic value of the business data, information on the threat actors seeking that data and the current and most effective methods they use to obtain it (such as phishing, malware, technical and social engineers attacks), how to spot these attacks and where and how to report them. Cyber security awareness training should not be confused with training staff on the implementation of cyber security policies, procedures and controls.

How often should we conduct cyber security awareness training?

Best practice is to train employees on cyber security policies, procedures and controls upon indoctrination and conduct cyber security awareness training at least once a year.