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Information Risk Management

Information risk management is our business. It’s what we do. We live and breathe it. Consequently, all our consultants are well versed in all the industry-recognised information risk assessment and management frameworks like ISO-27005, NIST 800-30, OCTAVE, ISACA’s COBIT and Risk IT.

We can help you create and implement, policies, practices, procedures, and controls to identify, minimise and manage the threats to your information assets.

We can also set up key performance indicators to confirm the effectiveness of the framework and that you are operating within your risk appetite, tolerance and capacity.

Risk Crew’s experts can help you select the right framework or design one to fit and align with your business objectives.

Risk Crew provides a complete lifecycle of cost-effective information security management services to include:

Why Choose Risk Crew

Risk Crew’s skilled and experienced consultants implement industry-proven information security risk management maturity modelling, gap assessments, audits and certifications methodologies to enable you to efficiently meet your corporate governance compliance requirements.

When you choose Risk Crew, you’re electing to work with qualified experts.

Risk Crew expert consultants can help with all your Information Security needs from policies, staff awareness, threat & risk assessments to cyber supply chain risk management.

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Our unique blend of services covers Information Risk Management and Governance, Risk and Compliance.