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“Hate Mail” How a Single Email Can Compromise Zimbra Webmail Servers

Zimbra Webmail

The Zimbra webmail solution is affected by two serious vulnerabilities that could allow an attacker to gain complete access to an organisation’s sent and received emails. Zimbra released patches in June for these vulnerabilities, which a researcher at SonarSource discovered. CVE-2021-35208, the first of these vulnerabilities, is a stored cross-site scripting vulnerability affecting the Document […]

A File Manager Plugin in WordPress Contains Multiple Critical Vulnerabilities

file manager plugin in wordpress

Several vulnerabilities have been discovered in the Frontend File manager plugin in WordPress, which allows a remote attacker to inject malicious JavaScript into vulnerable websites. This is a class of vulnerability known as cross-site scripting (XSS). In this scenario, the XSS allows an attacker to: Delete blog pages Create admin user accounts Gain remote code […]

Linux Variant of REvil Ransomware Targets VMware’s ESXi, NAS Devices

revil ransomware

REvil ransomware producers have ported their malware over to Linux to expand their campaigns. The primary objective appears to be to infect VMware’s ESXi virtual machine management software and Network-attached storage (NAS) devices. Researchers at AT&T’s Alien Labs have identified four samples in the wild. Whilst not unheard of, Linux attacks are rarer than compromises […]

“Kite in a Storm” Web Administrator to Remote Code Execution

Remote Code Execution

Researchers at ZX Security discovered a chain of vulnerabilities that ends with Remote Code Execution in the Accellion Kitework® framework. Kiteworks is a secure file-sharing platform targeted at enterprise audiences that facilitates sharing, syncing, and modifying files between internal and external users on multiple devices. CVE 2021-31585 was discovered in the administrative functionality, specifically the […]

Millions of Connected Cameras Open to Eavesdropping on IoT Camera Feeds

IoT Camera

A supply-chain component contains a critical impact vulnerability that allows a remote attacker to eavesdrop on IoT camera feeds. CVE-2021-32934 has a CVSS score of 9.1, it was introduced through ThroughTek, a component that is commonplace in CCTV systems along with other connected camera devices such as baby monitors. ThroughTek’s point-to-point (P2P) software development kit […]

New Kubernetes Malware Backdoors Clusters via Windows Containers

windows containers

A malware strain has been at large for over a year, which was observed to compromise Kubernetes Clusters clearing the way for a backdoor, giving the attacker persistent access. Kubernetes was originally developed by Google and is currently maintained by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation. It is an open-source system that helps automate the deployment, […]

NoSQL Injection Attacks Expose Rocket Chat Servers to Remote Code Execution

Rocket chat servers

Two vulnerabilities in the Rocket Chat (RC) application make it possible for attackers to achieve remote code execution on the server hosting them. RC is a popular open-source messaging platform for enterprise customers. Customers include Lloyd’s, Lockheed Martin and the University of California. RC utilises the MongoDB database, which uses NoSQL to store its data. […]

“Wormhole” Proof of Concept Released for Wormable Windows HTTP Vulnerability

Windows HTTP Vulnerability

A proof of concept (PoC) script was released exploiting a critical vulnerability in the latest version of Windows 10 and Windows Server additions. The vulnerability, tracked as CVE-2021-31166 was found in the HTTP Protocol Stack (HTTP.sys), used by the Windows Information (IIS) webserver. The Windows HTTP vulnerability has wormable properties, meaning it is self-propagating, unlike […]

“Sapped” Critical Vulnerabilities are Exploited in SAP Applications

Cyber security firm, Onapsis, has warned of 6 critical vulnerabilities being actively exploited in the wild. The researchers recorded more than 300 successful attacks between mid-2020 and April 2021. SAP systems are used by many organisations for managing critical business processes, including product life-cycle management, customer relationship management, enterprise resource planning and supply chain management. […]

“Offroad” Vulnerable Dell Drivers Endangers Millions of Systems

dell drivers

Older Dell users should be aware of a vulnerable driver that has been pushed out to consumer and enterprise computers for the last 12 years. The multiple vulnerabilities could lead to privilege escalation. Millions of Dell desktops, laptops and tablets received the vulnerable driver through BIOS updates. The 5 vulnerabilities tracked as CVE-2021-21551 discovered in […]

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