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What is Security Awareness Training?

Year after year, studies indicated that over 90% of system breaches and subsequent data losses are attributed to human error. Cyber security and information security awareness training is the proven methodology for reducing the risk of human error by training employees on the threats to business systems, how to identify them and then how to appropriately respond to them to prevent breaches.

Security awareness training significantly reduces cyber risks to the business through the simple act of making employees “aware” of them.


It is a continual process of educating employees on the ever-changing threats. Good training programmes start with the fundamentals with content maturing over time — to keep pace with the threat landscape. It’s essential.

Risk Crew's customised and engaging cyber security awareness training courses are delivered in either face-to-face workshops or over computer-based-training platforms to ensure your staff understand, recognise and respond to the specific cyber security threats to your business.

Cyber Security Workshop Training

Risk Crew provides on-site, cyber security awareness training workshops to educate and motivate every level of business stakeholders. Interactive content is customised to meet your business’s risk appetite and applicable threat landscape.

Choose from:

  • Board Member Cyber Security Leadership Workshop
  • Management Cyber Security Leadership Workshop
  • Information Technology Staff Best Cyber Security Practices Workshop
  • DevOps Best Security Training Workshop
  • Employee Cyber Security Awareness Workshop 101
  • Cyber Security Street Smarts: Internet Best Practices
  • Social Engineering 101 Workshop

Cyber Security Training Workshop

Additionally, Risk Crew can design and deliver topic-specific workshops to meet your exact needs. Workshops are conducted by certified and seasoned cyber security risk management training professionals.

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Cyber Security Online Training

Risk Crew also offer hosted, online security awareness training courses or can provide (SCORM-based) modules for hosting on your business’ learning management system. Current, interesting, pragmatic and jargon-free content addresses: what it is, why it matters, how hackers hack and what to do about it.

Choose from:

  • Information Security Awareness
  • Working from home: Cyber Security Best Practices
  • Data Protection Security Awareness
  • PCI Security Awareness

The popular Risk Crew cyber security online training solution is subscription-based and starts at just £9.99 per user.

Multi-media content can be customised to address business-specific issues. The modules include regular learning checks to keep users on track, a tailorable quiz at the end to gauge employees' understanding of the content and provides useful metrics to benchmark the business’ cyber security awareness culture.

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