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Best Antivirus Software. Are You Sure?

Best Antivirus Software

If only it were as simple as the popular ‘XYZ’ Antivirus (AV) software solution is the best antivirus software and outperforms all the rest. But, unfortunately, sometimes marketing can be deceiving. As expected, popularity and quality do not go hand in hand with most AVs. As a result, there has been poor progress in AV […]

Hiring a Virtual CISO Verses a Full Time CISO Comparison

Virtual CISO

Most of us are aware that there is a huge gap of qualified cyber security talent available to hire. A study by the Center of Cyber Safety and Education identified that there may be close to 100,000 unfilled UK cyber security jobs by 2022. With this staggering statistic, it’s no wonder why many organisations battle […]

12 Critical Policies for SOC 2 Compliance

Policies for SOC 2 Compliance

If you are considering getting your organisation SOC 2 compliant, this blog should be an eye-opener. Obtaining SOC 2 compliance could be quite a time challenge in terms of preparation, process and finances. Many achievements come with obstacles, but SOC 2 does not have to be difficult if you plan well. It will be well […]

How Long Does it Take to Get SOC 2 Compliance

how to get soc 2 compliance

To get straight to the answer of how long it takes to reach SOC 2 compliance – in general, you can expect 6 months to acquire SOC 1 Type 1 and 12 months for the SOC 2 Type 2 report. However, this will vary per size of the organisation and readiness level. It seems like […]

Why Cyber Essentials is Not Just a Tick Box – Interview with Dr Emma Philpott

As the question ‘why do I need a Cyber Essentials certification?’ continues to arise, Dr Emma Philpott, the Director and CEO of the IASME Consortium Ltd, answers intriguing questions and provides enlightening responses from her point of view in a recent webinar with Risk Crew. Give yourself a moment out of your day & enrich […]

Join Us At The Big CISO 360 Event


Don’t leave without reading about this invigorating event hosted by Pulse Conferences celebrating the 5th anniversary of the CISO 360 Congress. And guess what, it’s NOT VIRTUAL but Hybrid.💃 We, Risk Crew will be sponsoring this event and we are looking forward to meeting you in person at Victorian Gothic Mansion House Oakley Court, Windsor, […]

ISO 27001 and SOC 2: Apples and Oranges

ISO 27001 and SOC 2

What’s the difference between ISO 27001 and SOC 2? Good question. SOC 2 is becoming increasingly popular as more and more service providers are being asked for tangible evidence that the services they provide – are trustworthy and resilient. This is a direct result of the recent dramatic rise in cyber breaches sourced to the […]

SOC 2 Type 2: How to Prepare for the Audit Webinar

soc 2 type 2

Risk Crew announces part 2 of the SOC-IT-2-ME series, SOC 2 Type 2: How to Prepare for the Audit Webinar. Let us give you an insight into our upcoming webinar. Established by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, SOC 2 defines a governance framework for managing sensitive customer information based on 5 Trust Service […]

Ransomware Readiness Audit Service

Ransomware readiness audit

Ransomware is affecting increasing numbers of organisations, causing the UK to be the second most attacked country globally (in 2020) for ransomware attacks. Which is costing UK businesses a total of £365 million for the year. It’s a huge figure. What can you do to reduce that figure? The answer to that question is, protect […]

4 Business Questions About IoT Devices

IoT Devices

Are your IoT devices secure? Internet of things (IoT) devices have seen year on year increases in business and personal use because they are usually beneficial in being convenient and easy to use. IoT devices are used for various purposes, from making smart homes to implementing a business’s security system. As with all internet connected […]

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