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Red Team Vs Blue Team – What’s the Difference?

With the ever-increasing threat of data breaches for many organisations, testing your security systems is the only way to find vulnerabilities. When discussing cyber security tests, the terms “Red Team” and “Blue Team” are often mentioned. In this article, we will cover what the two teams are, their roles and how they work together to […]

How Do You Conduct an Information Security Risk Assessment?

Information security risk assessments are crucial for any businesses that deal with any sensitive information that could potentially cause harm if accessed, shared, modified, or deleted. In this article, we cover how your business can benefit from a security risk assessment, how they are conducted, and how you can use the assessment findings to improve […]

10 Social Engineering Attacks You Need to Know

social engineering attacks

Simply put — social engineering works. Ask any Threat Actor in the business. Social engineering was behind more than 95% of the attacks reported last year by Purplesec. Consequently, educating your staff on what it is and how to spot it is nothing less than critical. Here are the top 10 most common types of […]

How To Write Phishing Emails

how to write a phishing email

Year after year, statistics show phishing attacks continue to rise. Why? Because they work, and this simple attack brings results. Consequently, this attack has evolved and become more sophisticated and harder to identify. Gone are the days of the error-filled 419 emails from a Nigerian Prince requesting your account details to hide money offshore. Instead, […]

The Principles of Social Engineering

principles of social engineering

Social engineering is a term used for a wide variety of activities used by threat actors to manipulate or trick end users into bypassing security controls or providing sensitive information (such as login credentials) —that they then use to obtain unauthorised access to the systems they target. It’s not a new threat. It’s been around […]

How to Outsmart the DarkSide Ransomware Group

DarkSide Ransomware

The DarkSide Ransomware Group is one of the many gangs that continue to rebrand themselves while expanding to gain more intelligence in 2022. So, is there any way to outsmart these groups? It almost seems like a losing battle. However, a strong defence can be created within your organisation, but first, it’s important to start […]

Goodbye Tale of 2021. Cheers to Opening a New Book!

Are you ready to close this book? What a journey 2021 has been. We’ve extremely enjoyed seeing our customers face-to-face and online, and building stronger relationships by understanding their challenges — because it’s what we do! 2021 did read through like a thriller book of phishing scams and ransomware attacks. And as a typical thriller, some […]

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