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Educate your staff to ensure the protection of your business’s information assets

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Over 80% of the breaches reported in the last year could have been prevented by vigilant employees. But while businesses continue to invest millions of pounds and thousands of man-hours in deploying gadgets and technology to secure their organisations, little or nothing is invested in their best defence – people. Investing in people will result in the highest return. This has been proven repeatedly over the years.

If there is a silver bullet in the cyber war its education. Risk Crew can help you win this war with effective staff awareness training.

eRiskology™ is our comprehensive information security training and awareness programme solution. Simply put, eRiskology is the way to instil an information security awareness culture in your business. The key to making your staff mindful of the multitude and severity of security threats to your business’s information assets is to “get it in their heads”.

eRiskology does just that through the application of 4 harmonised learning paths:

INSPIRE them with current, stimulating, face-to-face workshops.

EMPOWER them with knowledge from computer-based training programs providing current hacking methodologies and best defences.

ENGAGE them with a steady stream on thought-provoking current events and multimedia (videos, podcasts, infographics, monthly bulletins, tips and alerts) messages.

MEASURE them through social engineering testing and program performance metrics.


eRiskology Benefits

Combined learning pathways comprise the eRiskology™ programme and ensure that you get in their heads.

Our staff awareness programme has numerous benefits:

Get in their heads and begin to transform your business today.


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