Mobile Device Security Testing

Most businesses do not have a firm grasp of the security vulnerabilities associated with the hand held devices used by their employees. Mobile phones, iPads, iPhones, android phones and tablets, Blackberries, and a myriad of other hybrid handheld devices are used to access business data these days but their inherent vulnerabilities are largely overlooked.

Given their size and portability, the primary security concern associated with these devices is their ability to store large amounts of information. Add to this the breadth of communication options available and you have a device that introduces formidable risks to your systems and information.

A wide variety of security vulnerabilities exist with handheld devices: trojan horses and malware programs can easily be installed thus creating a backdoor to networks permitting unauthorised access since antivirus products for hand held devices are not very evolved and operating systems currently do not limit malicious codes from modifying system files. Device connections can be intercepted and data captured without the knowledge or permission of the user.

Risk Crew’s Mobile Device Security Testing Consultants can help you identify, minimise and manage these risks by testing the security integrity of their configurations and connections to your systems.

We can deliver:

  • Laptop, Notebook and Tablet Testing
  • Android and Smartphone Testing
  • Blackberry Testing
  • iPad Testing

All testing is scoped to meet your specific business or compliance requirements.  Our testing reports are clear and concise with all findings explained along with detailed recommendations for their cost-effective remediation.

Our experienced testing engineers hold CREST, C√SS, C│EH and GIAC credentials and many hold ISACA CISSP, CISM and CRISC certifications ensuring they consider and address your business objectives throughout the testing cycle.  All of our testing engineers are subject to full initial (and routine ongoing) background security checks and all testing is conducted from secure Risk Crew facilities.

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