SOC 2 Webinar

SOC-It-2-Me Summit

Get the Knowledge to Begin the Ascent to Compliance

Are you a SaaS or cloud-based service provider thinking of getting a SOC (System and Organization Controls) report to assure customers that your platform and, more importantly, their data is protected? Have you been thinking about what it takes to get compliant? If yes, then…

Attend these flash sessions that will lay out the quickest and most cost-effective route to the summit of your SOC 2 assessment. Our panel of speakers will reveal why SOC is becoming the global security standard for cloud-based service providers and the essential steps to fast-track your compliance.

This LIVE Sessions will cover:

Session 1: All things SOC 2: Why it’s becoming the global information security standard

  • Selling into the U.S. and what IT Audit Compliance is needed
  • SOC 2 in a nutshell – the ins/outs
  • How it differs from ISO
  • Business benefits
  • Session 2: SaaS best security practices

  • It all begins with a risk assessment
  • The top ten security vulnerabilities
  • Authentication & encryption
  • Situational awareness is key
  • Session 3: SOC 2 – The Fast Track

  • Getting your ducks in a row prior
  • Biggest challenges
  • How you can speed up the auditing process
  • Control mapping
  • The importance of evidence
  • Staying compliant
  • Session 4: Q & A

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