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Good Security Practices When Working From Home


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Working from Home Securely – Staff Awareness

Unfortunately, working from home is no longer the ‘new normal’ – and this is not likely to change any time soon. It is essential that staff continue to be resilient, aware of current tactics cyber attackers are using and above all…have cyber security at the front of mind.

This brief, succinct and engaging ‘Working from Home Securely’ video module is 6 minutes in duration and will teach your staff how to be and stay secure when WFH.

Quickly and easily distribute to your staff by:

   • SCORM format – plug straight into your Learning Management System (LMS)

   • Host and deploy it to your staff via the Risk Crew LMS

Choose from two different options for licencing:

   • Unlimited licence for £395.00 + VAT

   • Host on Risk Crew’s LMS for an additional £1.50 per person (POA for 1,000+ users)

Raise awareness with your staff on the emerging WFH threats and reinforce the importance of continuing to think about the security of information assets, passwords and company confidential intelligence.

Just a few of the best practices covered in this informative video include:

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The eRiskology™ Programme

This staff awareness video is a part of the ‘Empower’ learning pathway (just one of the four pathways that makes up the robust Staff Awareness programme – eRiskology™).

Read more about the INSPIRE, EMPOWER, ENGAGE and MEASURE pathways on the slideshow below.


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