Critical Bug Hacking into IoT Devices

hacking into iot devices

Security experts are sending out a high alert on a critical vulnerability that heavily affected tons of devices used worldwide that are connected to the ThroughTek’s Kalay IoT cloud platform. The Impact The vulnerability impacts products from different companies that produce reconnaissance and video solutions that include home computerised IoT frameworks, which utilise the Kalay […]

4 Business Questions About IoT Devices

IoT Devices

Are your IoT devices secure? Internet of things (IoT) devices have seen year on year increases in business and personal use because they are usually beneficial in being convenient and easy to use. IoT devices are used for various purposes, from making smart homes to implementing a business’s security system. As with all internet connected […]

IoT Home “security” cameras: Are you having a laugh!?

IoT Home Security Cameras Amazon Ring

The Amazon Ring Tale “Update: 29/01/2020: so far, when yet more tales of woe (usually regarding the Amazon Ring) come in I have just been adding the stories in the comments section below the original article. However, when an actual Amazon engineer, usually known for their fierce loyalty, sticks their head above the parapet and effectively […]

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