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3 Degrees of Security Testing Webinar Series

Don’t miss the next webinars in the 3 Degrees of Security Testing Series: Attend and Win Attend one of our upcoming webinars and get invaluable insight on how to enhance and improve your security testing. That’s a big win right there and reason enough to join us. But hold on, there’s more! All attendees will […]

Webinar: How to Optimise Your Security Penetration Testing

Do you want some practical advice on how to get a better return on your security penetration testing investment? Connect with us to hear our security testing expert, Richard Hollis discuss how you can receive full benefits from your penetration testing. Sign up for the webinar: How to Optimise Your Security Penetration Testing DATE: Thursday, […]

Why Choose a CREST Accredited Pen Testing Company?

CREST Pen Testing

If you are looking to book your next penetration test and your prime consideration is getting the cheapest and quickest one available, simply because you need to tick a box, then this blog piece isn’t for you. If, on the other hand, your main concern is gaining a comprehensive picture of the security of your […]

Ready for Red Team Testing?

Are you ready for Red Team Testing

Are you considering conducting Red Team testing in 2020? Have you ever conducted one? It’s a New Year, maybe its time for a new approach – a more holistic approach to assessing your information security controls from the perspective of an adversary. But are you ready? Simply put, Red Team testing is a methodology for […]

The British Airways Data Breach “fine”

A fake news parody making fun of the clickbait around the BA and Marriott Group breach fines

Sometimes the truth grows wings and takes flight How UK media reported the ICO’s intention to fine BA & Marriott Hotels and a penetration tester’s view on what BA could of and should of done. Oh, and what’s happened so far with the fine that they actually did issue to Facebook On the 8th July, […]

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