Top Methods to Help Staff Retain Security Awareness Training

Methods to Help Staff Retain Security Awareness Training

A security awareness programme can only be successful if employees retain information and skills to use in everyday work activities. Let’s be honest, we are all just one click away from a security breach. That is why we implement awareness training in the first place, right? 

To measure the success and effectiveness of your programme you’ll need to not only track the completion of computer-based training but staff’s behavioural change. And this change can only happen if your staff  has retained the knowledge to make safe choices. 

Learning retention facts 

We as humans tend to naturally forget information taken in almost immediatelyIn fact, it’s been documented that:

  • After one hour, we retain only half the information presented 
  • After one day, we forget over 70% of everything we’ve learned 
  • After a week, we forget 90% of the information from training 

How to get employees to retain information security knowledge  

In today’s work environment, employees have more pressure to be efficient and productive. They tend to see security awareness as timeconsuming and an obstacle in their way to achieve productivity goals. Most will even begin to relax their cyber security responsibilities after procedures and guidelines are presented unless they are periodically reminded.

A robust programme that inspires, empowers and continually engages employees is needed to get them to not just learn but remember. There are many methods for learning retention. We compiled methods to get you started and start ensuring your staff retention rates.  

5 methods for knowledge retention 

  1. Tell a Story: Give them information they can relate to 
  2. Quiz them 
  3. Relate the learning material to the real world 
  4. Repeat: Active participants are more likely to remember 
  5. Review, measure and demonstrate 


It’s the art of getting information into users’ heads and keeping it there.


Get your staff to make safer security decisions 

The key to creating a robust awareness programme is to get your staff to retain the knowledge and be mindful of the multitude and severity of security threats. Then they will be empowered, inspired and knowledgeable to make safe decisions and protect your business’s information assets.

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