Team Viewer Password Crack 

A CVE (CVE-2020-13699) was announced in Team Viewer’s Windows Application

Successful exploitation of this highlighted vulnerability would allow an attacker to open Team Viewer via a malicious web application. This could then be leveraged to force Team Viewer to send a password to the attacker for cracking. ​

The affected Team Viewer versions are: teamviewer10, teamviewer8, teamviewerapi, tvchat1, tvcontrol1, tvfiletransfer1, tvjoinv8, tvpresent1, tvsendfile1, tvsqcustomer1, tvsqsupport1, tvvideocall1 and tvvpn1.​

Team Viewer has patched this issue. TeamViewer should be updated to at least one of the following versions: 8.0.258861, 9.0.258860, 10.0.258873, 11.0.258870, 12.0.258869, 13.2.36220, 14.2.56676, 14.7.48350, and 15.8.3.​

Source: SecPod

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