SOC 2 Assist Service

SOC 2 Compliance

We’re proud to announce this new service. 

Risk Crew, the elite group of information security governance, risk & compliance experts, and the forerunners in the design & delivery of innovative & effective solutions, is proud to announce an addition to the GRC portfolio of services: SOC 2!

What is SOC 2? 

SOC 2 is a type of audit that ensures the organisation is providing a safe and secure operating environment and appropriately manages data and the data of their clients. The audit focuses on controls that the organisation has defined to govern the services provided to its customers.

Who is it for?

SOC 2 is often a contractual requirement for technology-based service providers, who process, transmit or store customer information on cloud-based platforms. This includes businesses that provide SaaS, or other cloud-based services and additionally use the cloud to store individual customer information.

SOC 2 can provide many benefits to include:

  • Protecting against security breaches
  • Gaining insight into your organisation’s risk and security posture
  • Validating that your systems and networks are secure
  • Obtaining a competitive advantage over organisations without SOC 2
  • Assuring customers that controls are in place to help secure their data
  • Accelerate certification to other frameworks such as ISO 27001


    SOC 2 Assist Service

Risk Crew’s SOC 2 Assist Service?

The SOC 2 Assist Service results in a simple, transparent and easily demonstrable compliance framework for either SOC 2 Type 1 or 2 reports. The Risk Crew approach is comprised of a five-step approach that includes a Control Review, TSC Selection & Confirmation, Control Mapping, Gap Assessment and Findings Workshop.

Want to find out more about our SOC 2 Service?

To learn more about the SOC 2 Assist Service, please visit the Risk Crew website, email or call +44 (0) 20 3653 1234. 

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