What are the Benefits of a vCISO

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There is no doubt that the number of qualified and available to hire cyber security experts is decreasing. A study by the Center of Cyber Safety and Education identified that there may be close to 100,000 unfilled UK cyber security jobs by 2022. With this staggering statistic, it’s no wonder why many organisations battle to fill the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) role.

A Chief Information Security Officer can make the biggest difference to organisations in terms of defence against risks. Their responsibilities include handling cyber security, creating strategies to strengthen systems for fighting threats. However, bringing on a full-time CISO may not be feasible for all.

For those who are struggling with this problem, stay calm – we have an easy solution. But first, let us start by learning the benefits of a vCISO.

  1. Flexibility – vCISO’s are immediately available through a simple phone call whether they are on or off-site (depending on the needs you have agreed to). As networking professionals, their ability to scale up is incredibly high. Depending on your business requirements, your virtual CISO also has the ability to expand to oversee security testing, data protection and much more. Additionally, the service can be utilised as a short or medium-term fix with limited risk until you can recruit a permanent qualified CISO.
  2. Synergy – Our virtual CISOs have over 30 years of experience and expertise within the cyber security industry. They work in various industries as security leaders and they have accumulated a variety of industry-recognised qualifications. They have established relationships with other security experts, industry leaders and vendors which helps with their performance. With hands-on experience, their excellent decision-making skill will help your company’s progress.
  3. Efficiency – Their expert knowledge enables faster and easier implementation of required action in a practice-oriented way – specific to your business requirements.
  4. Instant deployment – vCISO’s do not require any form of training, they are ready to hit the ground running and start making a difference from the very first day. A vCISO comes with well-established relationships with other security experts, industry leaders and vendors which helps with their performance. With hands-on experience, their excellent decision-making skill will help your company’s progress.
  5. Cost-effective – A CISO often negotiates a six-figure salary due to the high demand for their services. If your organisation is looking to hire a full-time CISO then you may be expected to pay premium costs for their services depending on the location and size of your company.If your organisation does not have the budget, then hiring a vCISO can be more price-effective than the long-term costs of hiring an FTE. Saving you on hiring, training, salary and benefit costs.
  6. Independent expertise without being biased – Some offices consist of distractions and office politics which can affect the decisions of a full-time CISO and lead to losing focus on their tasks. Additionally, ensuring the highest level of security may seem less important if they become unsatisfied or underestimated. However, a vCISO tends to be quite neutral, putting all their energy into protecting your business no matter what.
  7. Commitment and quality – A full-time CISO is bound to look for a change of jobs or company at some point in their career whether they are headhunted by a competitor or just simply want a change. This will eventually eliminate their expertise from your company and when you bring on a new CISO, you may need to spend time training them. By hiring a vCISO you can enjoy greater continuity and seamless service.

With the information security risks growing, the demand for CISOs is also growing which means deciding who to hire may be burdensome. So, now comes the question, how do you decide which vCISO offers the most professional services?

Risk Crew’s CISOs have over 30 years of experience with practising and advising on information security across various industries. Our service is extremely flexible, created to fit any business model, ensuring you get the expertise you need – when you need it.

Learn more about the vCISO service or contact us for a free assessment and get an overview of what your organisation’s bespoke service would encompass.

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