Nestlé Operating in Russia Causes Data Breach

Nestlé Operating in Russia

Another war was launched by a popular anonymous hacktivist on companies who still choose to run in Russia and pay taxes to the Russian Government.

After Nestlé decided to continue operating in Russia the anonymous hackers threatened to attack them and eventually hacked into their system, leaking 10GB worth of sensitive data.


On 22nd March 2022, the attackers hacked into their system to leak sensitive information such as company emails, passwords and data related to business customers.

The anonymous attackers threatened 40 international companies that are still operating in Russia despite the invasion of Ukraine. The companies were given a 48-hour warning to stop cooperating with Russia before they were attacked. The list of companies includes Hayatt, BBDO, Raiffeisen Bank, IPG, Cloudflare and Citrix Systems.


There is no remediation for this type of attack at this time. Check back for updates.

Source: Security Affairs

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