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Webinar: Data Protection by Design & Default

Do you understand the principle of Data Protection by Design & Default? Does your organisation adhere to this much over-looked data protection requirement? If not, you aren’t alone.

Join us for this next webinar hosted by Data Protection & Privacy expert, Andy Whitaker.

Andy will discuss the goals and objectives of this essential principle and provide some practical advice for ensuring it’s included in your data protection programme. You won’t want to miss this useful, and straightforward session.


Register for the webinar:
How to Implement Data Protection by Design & Default

DATE: Thursday, 7 May 2020

TIME: 2 pm (GMT) – 45 minutes; plus 15 minutes of Q & A

AGENDA: The session will cover:

  • What is Data Protection by Design and how do you ensure it?
  • How do you verify and maintain it?
  • Examples of key performance indicators to verify it
  • Interactive Q&A with an experienced Data Protection Expert

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