Get WFH Cyber Security at the Forefront of Staff’s Minds

wfh cyber security

Is your staff is staying resilient with protecting company information assets now that Working from Home (WFH) is the ‘Now Normal’? Do you know if they are aware of the tactics that threat actors are using, and do they have cyber security front of mind?

If you are unsure, you are not alone. Last year, many companies updated security policies to include WFH security measures and distributed to staff in hopes that the information would sink into their heads. But now that almost a year has passed, and we are on the third lockdown the information may have just become a faded memory.

So how can you get WFH cyber security at the front of their minds?

As humans, we tend to naturally forget information taken in almost immediately. In fact, it’s been documented that after a week, we forget 90% of the information from training. However, there are ways to inspire and empower employees to retain information by continually engaging them to not just learn but remember.

We recommend the following learning techniques to help get cyber security at the forefront of the staff’s attention when WFH and continually measure their retention for improvement.

5 methods for knowledge retention

  1. Tell a story: Give them the information they can relate to, to ensure engagement
  2. Quiz them: Test them with quizzes and through exercises such as Phishing email simulations
  3. Relate the learning material: Provide videos or workshops that provide examples that correspond to everyday life situations
  4. Repeat: Provide continual security tips, quizzes, videos, etc to keep staff engaged and they will be more likely to remember
  5. Review: Measure and demonstrate if training is effective or may need adjustments for continual improvement

To get more information on these five methods download the free full guide here.

Begin with storytelling and engagement

A good way to start engaging staff is to start with an inspiring awareness video or a live workshop. The latter may seem like a lot of work and time to put together, but you can find videos that are reasonably priced and can be easily distributed to your team.

In fact, Risk Crew has just released a brief and relatable ‘Working from Home Securely’ video module that teaches staff how to be and stay secure when WFH. The content raises awareness of the new and emerging WFH threats and provides tips to ensure the security of information assets.

The video narrative covers the best practices when WFH to include:

  • The Importance of Company Security Policies
  • Security Tips for Using Personal Devices
  • How to Secure Information Assets
  • Social Engineering Tactics to be Aware of
  • The Importance of Keeping in Touch with Your Team

Take a SNEAK PEEK of the video and let us know if you’d like to request access to the video files – to start engaging and educating your staff to continue to be resilient and follow good security practices always.

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